Friday, September 4, 2009

I guess I'm just a B

Sometimes, I think I lack the killer instinct when it comes to riding with Killer B s. Perhaps, I should try killing something that is not so tenatious and deadly, like butterflys or catapillars.

Then I can move up to wasps and hornets and try for Killer B s again :)

Seriously, I continue to ride with this group and when I get to the point that they no longer drop me will have to move on to something faster. A great group of people to ride with who put me in a considerable amount of agony every Thursday.

Earlier this week, I had a great ride with the Monday group at BGI south. It was pretty speedy and I ended up finishing in the first 3, then on Wednesday totally bonked (due to not paying attention to what my body was trying to tell me) and got dropped by a much slower paced group.

I am planning to do 2 100 mile rides this labor day weekend, so we will see how that goes. Tomorrow, I am going to try for 9 - 15 mile hilly loops down at the Morgan Monroe State forest or 6 hours, which ever comes first....... likely the 6 hours. Then on Monday am planning to ride with some of my JDRF team in the tour de loops in Brownsburg, IN.

I have been in the pool pretty regularly this week and it seems like 3 strokes forward and 2 strokes backward sometimes, but never the less every time that I get in the water, I am able to improve on something.

My plantar fasciitis is hopefully in control ($500 and a lot of pain later) and I hope to be back to running by Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RIding for a Cure for Diabetes

I hate getting old! was supposed to be the title of this entry but, when I put my link in I had to change the name so that no one would think it was some website telling you about a fountain of youth super fruit pasta smoothie

Ok so now I have Plantar fasciitis and not only had to buy expensive orthotics but my running is temporarily impaired as well :( Apparently you get this from being inflexible and growing older. I have never been the most flexible guy in the world.

Well, I've worked through my IT band syndrome, I am sure that I can work through this.

The good news is that I hit 15 strokes in the pool this week!! Yeah!!

My bike is getting faster too! I had a guy give me some great tips during the BGI group ride last night and I am sure that they are going to make me faster and more powerful. I am planning to ride at least 100 miles every Saturday between now and when I go to Death Valley in about 46 days.

Now if I can only get my fund raising for my Death Valley ride in gear.