Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am officially a swimmer

So this weekend, I went to a swim workshop in Downers Grove, IL that changed my outlook on the way I swim.

I had bought a video from the organization that puts this workshop on about a year ago and I have to say that it helped me considrably, taking my 500 yard time down about 5 minutes in 1 year

That said, I realized that I was still a terribly slow swimmer ( lower 25th percentile in my races - in contrast to my bike split which is in the upper 25th)

So I decided that I needed some hands on help to improve and man was that a great idea!

I started the weekend needing 30 strokes to travel 25 yards and ended up the weekend needing only 19 strokes to cover the same distance and with less effort.

Plus, I learned the principles that will allow me to drill properly and continue to improve my swimming every time that I hit the water!!! yeah!!

Now the part that makes me officially a swimmer. Since I had to be in the water for 8 hours this weekend without earplugs ( so that I could hear instruction) I now have swimmer's ear in both ears. If that doesn't make me a swimmer, I don't know what does. :-)

In spite of all this, I am not expecting a tremendous improvement in my swim split this weekend at the Indiana Downs Sprint tri, but I do anticipate yet another PB as every tri I have done this year has been an improvement on the last.

BTW - just because I have not been posting a lot does not mean that I have slacked off on workouts but to the contrary I am definitely picking it up