Monday, May 17, 2010

The Water Feels Great, Come on in!!

So, I took a week off after breaking my foot to let it get started on the mend before I jumped back into the water. While my ankle is a bit stiff from the swelling and feels like it needs the joint popped, the water was great and I think swimming is threaputic for injurys!

I keep track of my nutrition and training totals at Beginner Triathlete and I believe that you can view my progress and history just by following the link in the title. Please let me know if that does not work.

Part of my work with John Elsworth involves journaling and I am going to make this a part of this blog so that I can be consistent with both and kill 2 birds with one stone, same with the idea of linking to my BT training log.

So three things that I did well this morning were
1. got up with a positive attitude looking forward to getting in the water
2. did all of the intervals with the exception of kicks, with in the prescribed time limit
3. Good stroke technique

2 things to work on
1. effectiveness of kick - more compact, in box, point toes (tough right now) faster cycle, less flex in knees
2. turnover or stroke rate

Going Forward - tonight I am going to work on my stroke rate (I left my tempo meter sitting at the pool when I gathered my things, hopefully it will still be there or in lost and found tonight)

I was slowest in my lane again, but feel like all things considered I am improving, feel my grip on the water getting better, we did a few hundred meters of fist drill to work on using the whole arm in the stroke and I can feel that grip getting better all the time. I also have a tendency to pace instead of going all out and I am going to work on that as well tonight.

Well that's it for this AM.

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