Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is really the Truth?

Yesterday, I took a rest day. Not a planned day, but I got up at 4:30 checked my Blood Glucose, it was 176 (perfect for pre swim) but my throat was a little scratchy and I was very sleepy even after 8 hours of sleep.

So I told myself that I needed to take the morning off as I had done 2 swim workouts on Monday for a total of 3200 meters. I bolused for my BG and went back to sleep, waking up barely in time to make it to work on time with a 51 BG. Needless to say that after 11.5 hours of sleep, I did not completely wake up until I was all the way to work. (I ususally wake up pretty fast)

I told myself all day that I needed to get in the pool last night, but I had to help a friend with something that was not supposed to take long and I was going to swim right after that......wrong. No workout last night.

I stayed up and watched "Lost" the next to last episode, didn't get to bed until 10:30 after taking my night time, Reliv vitamin shake, woke up this morning on 6.5 hours sleep and had a great workout. 2200 meters in 1 hour 2 minutes. If I had not forgot my swim suit in the truck and had to make 2 elevator trips and crutch all the way back and forth twice, I would have had another 2-300 meters in the warmup. So I felt great.

We did ladders and I am getting a lot closer to making the times that they are asking of us. Even with my gimpy leg.

So what I did well this morning
1. Breathing was more relaxed
2. coughed under water when I choked while trying to breath. (getting good at that when it happens - it pays not to get rattled when you choke on water while swimming)
3. I seem to be getting a little faster.
4. good length
5. kept stroke in front quadrant
6. kick more compact

3 Things that I wish to improve on
1. Elbows high
2. Turnover
3. Less Splash in high turnover

my top 3 mental strengths
1. stayed focused on the short goal - every half way on the pool 25m
2. stayed focused through choking
3. visualized perfect stroke

2 mental areas that I would like to work on
1. not loosing focus on max effort at end of sprint - would like to intensify effort at that point
2. get out of bed with more of a can do looking forward to my swim attitude

One thing that I always no is that no matter how tired I may be at the end of any swim workout, I always am glad I did it. Every stroke brings me one step closer to my goals for swim times and makes me a better swimmer.

My broken foot always looks better after I am done swimming so, there must be some sort of therapeutic effect going on there as well.

Goal wise, I felt guilty taking yesterday off,, but I think that it really paid off today. I have been much better at taking my vitamins twice a day and am paying very close attention to my nutrition. Now if I could integrate my BGs into my BT training log so that I could have yet another visual to show me how I am progressing, life would be perfect (grin)

I am having a little trouble getting my stretching routime started back up, but it won't be long until I get that and mynew core workout in full swing.

Thanks for following and see you tomorrow ..... don't forget that you can check my progress by clicking on the title link of the blog



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